This program is ideal for any parent who is involved in the legal system, who is divorcing, separated or attempting to parent children apart.

Welcome to a complete, comprehensive online parenting class. If you need to take a parenting class, FocusOnTheKids is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any Internet based computer! Whether you are a single parent, married couple, blended family or going through a divorce, finding and attending a live parenting class can be time consuming and inconvenient. All participants receive an official "Certification of Completion". Participation in this course meets the requirements for parenting/divorce education programs in accordance with Missouri revised 452.600 and the standards set by the State of Missouri.

Why Focus On The Kids?

Often, it is difficult to attend a quality parenting class due to a busy schedule and other life commitments. This online parenting class allows you to learn parenting tools and meet the requirements of the court but in a convenient, affordable, individually paced environment.