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About FocusOnTheKids

Focus on the Kids is a parenting-divorce education program designed by Diversified Consulting & Mediation, LLC. in conjunction with local and Missouri Office of State Courts Administrators staff. Diversified Consulting and Mediation, LLC and has been providing parenting classes, conflict resolution and counseling to parents since 1998. The program has undergone numerous revisions since its inception so as to provide accurate and timely information to parents. Most recently, FocusOnTheKids.org has been developed  for parents who need to take a parenting class but have difficulty either attending a live class or would like a more relaxed, self-paced atmosphere. FocusOnTheKids.org was designed for individuals who want to improve parenting skills for personal growth, need to take a parenting/divorce education class as ordered by the court, as a means to reduce conflict in a co-parenting relationship, or as part of the preparation for a custody agreement. The program has been designed for both mothers and fathers who want to make the best decisions possible for the children.

 Focus On The Kids was developed by Ada R. Evans, M.S.W. She is a practicing Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a certified Mediator, counselor and parent educator in Southwest Missouri. She can be contacted at (417) 256-0224, by mail at P.O. Box 1871 in West Plains, Missouri, or by e-mail at [email protected]. She is the director of Diversified Consulting & Mediation, LLC. and has been in practice in Missouri and Arkansas since 1998. Mrs. Evans is a court approved parenting class provider within the State of Missouri.